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Hear No Evil

HEAR NO EVIL: Social Constructivism and the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination

by Donald B. Thomas
Publisher: Mary Ferrell Foundation Press
793 pages

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In 2001, scientist Donald B. Thomas published an article in Science and Justice which re-ignited the debate on the "acoustics evidence" in the Kennedy assassination. "Study Backs Theory of ‘Grassy Knoll’: New Report Says Second Gunman Fired at Kennedy” wrote the Washington Post. Thomas refuted those who had claimed to debunk the work of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, whose acoustic scientists had found that a shot indeed did come from the "grassy knoll."

In this new book, published by the Mary Ferrell Foundation, Thomas goes far beyond the acoustics, tying together all the scientific evidence in the JFK assassination case into a coherent whole. His conclusions may surprise "lone-nut" adherents and conspiracy advocates alike. Hear No Evil is unique in its mastery of detail and its clear-eyed pursuit of the truth.


Reports and Documents on the Acoustics

Dictabelt on which gunfire in Dealy Plaza was recorded.
Dictabelt on which gunfire in Dealy Plaza was recorded.

HSCA Report, Volume VIII. The first half of volume VIII of the HSCA's report contains the reports on the acoustics analyses.

Report of the Committee on Ballistics Acoustics. This report of the so-called "Ramsey Panel" was issued in 1982, a few years after the HSCA's report, and attempted to refute the HSCA's work.

HSCA Report, Volume V: 12/29/1978 Hearings. Volume V contains hearings conducted by the HSCA on December 29, 1978, a few months after the September hearings. These special hearings were used to present the acoustics analysis.

Reviews of Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil, reviewed by Martin Hay on the CTKA website.

Essays by Don Thomas

Map showing microphones at 18-foot intervals in Dealey Plaza
Map showing microphones at 18-foot intervals in Dealey Plaza during 1978 acoustic tests, highlighting the 5 microphones which matched echo patterns.
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Overview and History of the Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Case is a 3-part essay published by the MFF, in which Thomas describes the history and science of the acoustics, along with the challenges to it.

Echo correlation analysis and the acoustic evidence in the Kennedy assassination revisited by Don Thomas. This is the 2001 paper that revived debate about the acoustics.

Hear no Evil: The Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination is a discussion of the acoustics evidence intended for a more general audience.

Crosstalk: Synchronization of Putative Gunshots with Events in Dealey Plaza is the text of a talk given by Don Thomas at the 2002 JFK Lancer November in Dallas conference.

Other Essays on the Acoustics Evidence

The Acoustic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination by Michael O'Dell. O'Dell is one of the prominent critics of the acoustic analysis done by the HSCA and Thomas.

Double Decker by Stephan Barber. Barber noticed the occurrence of crosstalk between two channels of the police recordings, and argues that the crosstalk proves that the impulses on the recording can't be Dealey Plaza gunfire.

Interviews with the Author

Unredacted Episode 4 - Interview with Donald Thomas in 2006.

Black Op Radio - Interview with Donald Thomas, 15 Sep 2010.

Don Thomas Presentation on the Acoustics Evidence

Don Thomas
These 3 video clips are taken from a presentation on the acoustics evidence given by Don Thomas in San Francisco in 2006.

play part 1 (running time: 17:36)
play part 2 (running time: 20:20)
play part 3 (running time: 12:17)

Praise for HEAR NO EVIL

Hear No Evil is truly a monumental work. Don Thomas has made a huge contribution to the vast JFK Assassination literature. His objective, detailed analysis of every relevant forensic scientific aspect of this politically-motivated murder should convince any unbiased reader of the harsh fact that President Kennedy's assassination was the result of a multi-faceted, well-orchestrated conspiracy.
- Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D., past president of American Academy of Forensic Scientists, past president of American College of Legal Medicine.

In my opinion, Don Thomas has produced the best book on the Kennedy assassination published within the last thirty years. Unfailingly fair-minded, Thomas lays out with devastating clarity the way science has bent itself to support an unsupportable official truth. More than this, his discussion of the evidence is a model of sober clarity. In a field crowded with sensation mongers and conspiracy wackos, Thomas’ voice is that of the sober scholar-scientist. His book sets the table for all future discussions of what happened in Dealey Plaza.
- Josiah Thompson, author, Six Seconds in Dallas

About the Book

(from the back cover)

Did a shot from the “grassy knoll” kill President Kennedy?

If so, was Oswald part of a conspiracy or an innocent patsy? Why have scientific experts who examined the evidence failed to put such questions to rest?

In 2001, scientist Dr. Donald B. Thomas published a peer-reviewed article which revived the debate over the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ finding that there had indeed been a shot from the grassy knoll, caught on a police dictabelt recording. The Washington Post said, “The House Assassinations Committee may well have been right after all.”

In this book, Thomas explains the acoustics evidence in detail, placing it in the context of an analysis of all the scientific evidence in the Kennedy assassination. Revering no sacred cows, he demolishes myths promulgated by both Warren Commission adherents and conspiracy advocates, and presents a novel and compelling re-interpretation of the “single bullet theory.”

More than a scientific tome, Hear No Evil is a searing indictment of the government’s hand-picked experts, who failed the public trust to be fair and impartial arbiters of the evidence.

Don Thomas

Donald B. Thomas, Ph.D.

is a scientist with the U.S. federal government. He received his doctorate from the School of Agriculture at the University of Missouri in 1990 and has held post-doctoral appointments at the University of Arizona and the University of Nebraska. He is currently President of the Coleopterists Society and a subject editor for the Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

He has authored or co-authored more than 100 scientific publications, including books and book chapters in the field of entomology. Dr. Thomas garnered international attention in 2001 for an article published in the British forensic journal Science & Justice entitled, “Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination Revisited.” He presently lives with his family in Texas.

Press Room

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