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Warren Commission Documents

More documents from the Warren Commission investigation are now online at the MFF. In addition to the Warren Report and the 26 volumes of evidence, we now have online the nearly 50,000 pages of numbered files known as the Warren Commission Documents.

These include voluminous FBI reports, including Commission Document (CD) 1, the original FBI report of the assassination. Other documents come from the CIA, Secret Service, State Department, and other agencies. The collection includes a 185-page index.

Most of the pages were derived from a microfilm copy originating with the National Archives and provided by Tom Jones. This 1986-era microfilm, which was missing many then-withheld documents and pages, was supplemented by the MFF in two trips to the National Archives. Note that some pages remain withheld, primarily on the basis of confidential information such as IRS tax returns. The collection is roughly 99% complete.

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