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Update to CIA Cryptonym Project

More than a dozen new cryptonym decodings received from MFF users have been added to the CIA Cryptonyms page. These new crypts and associated links are: AMAPOLA, AMBLEAK-1, AMBRUSH, AMCONCERT-1, AMCOOP-1, AMCORE-1, AMCORE-2, AMDIP-1, AMDITTO-23, AMECRU-1, AMING-4, AMLILAC, AMTIKI-1, and GYROSE.

These were contributed by Carmine Savastano, Dr. Juan B. Giusti, Bill Simpich, Steve Rosen, and Peter Dale Scott. Thanks for their efforts, which bring the total of crypts decoded using the MFF archive to over 150. The new crypts are a subset of those received for verification and posting; expect more updates in 2015.

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