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Unredacted - Episode 9: Interview with Burton Hersh

Welcome to Unredacted, the MFF's interview show featuring authors and experts on the Kennedy assassination and related topics. This episode features an interview with Burton Hersh, author of The Old Boys and the new book Bobby and J. Edgar: The Historic Face-Off Between the Kennedys and J. Edgar Hoover That Transformed America.

The story puts the relationship between Attorney General Robert Kennedy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover into a context which includes father Joe Kennedy's not-always-savory past, RFK's tenure with the McCarthy Committee and his disdain for its counsel Roy Cohn, mobsters including Frank Costello and Sam Giancana, and much of the rest of the saga of the Kennedy family. Drawing upon both published works and insider interviews, Hersh paints a complex portrait which neither vilifies nor glorifies either RFK or Hoover.

In this interview, Burton Hersh tells some of the stories recounted in his new book, and offers perspective on the era and the players.

Unredacted interviews are available in audio and transcript form. Each interview page also contains a resource section of links to related documents, Starting Points, essays, and offsite materials. Your feedback is encouraged - please make your voice heard through the comment system.

In future episodes, we will be talking with other authors and experts. Tune in to learn about new books, the latest findings, and interesting theories and perspectives.

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