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Unredacted - Episode 7: Interview with Larry Hancock

Welcome to our seventh episode of Unredacted, the interview show which attempts to strip away the blackouts of history and learn more about the truth of the Kennedy assassination.

This episode features an interview with Larry Hancock, author of the 2006 book Someone Would Have Talked. Larry is also active with Debra Conway in JFK Lancer, and organizes the annual November in Dallas conferences in Dallas.

Larry's book starts with the premise that someone indeed would have talked about the assassination, and with this starting point he looks for those individuals who expressed knowledge they shouldn't have had or made credible confessions of involvement in the JFK assassination. He focuses on John Martino, David Morales, John Roselli, David Phillips, and other names familiar to researchers of the assassination.

In this interview, Larry Hancock discusses various topics from the book and his extensive research, and offers commentary on some of the newer stories to appear since publication. Also touched upon is Larry's current research on the RFK and MLK assassinations.

Unredacted interviews are available in audio and transcript form. Each interview page also contains a resource section of links to related documents, Starting Points, essays, and offsite materials. Your feedback is encouraged - please make your voice heard through the comment system.

In future episodes, we will be talking with other authors and experts. Tune in to learn about new books, the latest findings, and interesting theories and perspectives.

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