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Unredacted - Episode 3: Interview with Josiah Thompson

Welcome to our third episode of Unredacted, the interview show which attempts to strip away the blackouts of history and learn more about the truth of the Kennedy assassination.

Josiah Thompson, author of Six Seconds in Dallas and a longtime expert on the case, talks to us about Commission Exhibit 399 (the "magic bullet"), recent discoveries related to the physical evidence, and the "state of the case" more than 40 years after the event.

The MFF is also pleased to present its first essay published directly on this site, by Dr. Thompson. Bedrock Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination rebuts Zapruder film "alternationists" and argues that the films and photographic evidence from Dealey Plaza form a "self-authenticating whole" which is the bedrock upon which the case rests.

Unredacted interviews are available in audio and transcript form. Each interview page also contains a resource section of links to related documents, Starting Points, essays, and offsite materials. Your feedback is encouraged - please make your voice heard through the comment system.

In future episodes, we will be talking with other authors and experts. Tune in to learn about new books, the latest findings, and interesting theories and perspectives.

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