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Unredacted - Episode 10: Interview with John Kelin

Welcome to Unredacted, the MFF's interview show featuring authors and experts on the Kennedy assassination and related topics. This episode features an interview with John Kelin, author of Praise from a Future Generation and creator of the JFK assassination web journal Fair Play.

The book is unique among the wide shelves of books on the assassination, taking as its subjects the "early critics" who first alerted the public to the major flaws in the Warren Report. Some of the people featured in the book are familiar - Mark Lane, Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, Edward Epstein, Penn Jones, Vincent Salandria; others are less well-known - Ray Marcus, Leo Sauvage, Harold Feldman; others are relatively unknown even to the JFK critical community - Shirley Martin, Maggie Field. But the story of these and others who labored in the mines of the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission is a compelling tale not told with this wealth of detail until Kelin's book.

In this interview, John Kelin talks about the early critics and shares some stories from his book.

Unredacted interviews are available in audio and transcript form. Each interview page also contains a resource section of links to related documents, Starting Points, essays, and offsite materials. Your feedback is encouraged - please make your voice heard through the comment system.

In future episodes, we will be talking with other authors and experts. Tune in to learn about new books, the latest findings, and interesting theories and perspectives.

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