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Trafficante Testimony Released

On a visit to the National Archives in late 2007, the MFF's Rex Bradford discovered that immunized testimony given by organized crime boss Santos Trafficante to the House Select Committee on Assassinations was still withheld in full. After inquiries were made, the National Archives has now declassified this testimony and a few other similarly-withheld files from the HSCA Immunized Testimony boxes.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation intends to continue efforts to obtain full disclosure of JFK assassination records, and adding them to our online archive.

The newly-released records include:

108-10118-10137: 14 Nov 1977 immunized testimony of Santos Trafficante. The transcript is notable for Trafficante's lack of candor, insisting for instance that his role in the plots to murder Fidel Castro was merely that of an interpreter.

180-10118-10142: Written after the above interview, this document describes general guidelines for interviewing Trafficante in public session (done on 28 Sep 1978 and printed in HSCA Volume 5).

Other documents formerly withheld in full relate to the immunized testimony of Carlos Hernandez Sanches (see 180-10131-10314, 180-10131-10313, and 180-10118-10136). Note that Hernandez's actual testimony was already public.

Other new additions to the MFF's collection of HSCA files include:

HSCA Testimony of Priscilla Johnson-McMillan, 2 Feb 1978, Part 1. Priscilla Johnson-McMillan is the journalist who interviewed Oswald in 1959 in Moscow and later wrote Marina and Lee. The HSCA questioned her about many things, including CIA connections.

HSCA Testimony of Priscilla Johnson-McMillan, 2 Feb 1978, Part 2

HSCA Testimony of William Walter. Walter was the FBI file clerk who told the HSCA of having seen a teletype on 17 Nov 1963 which warned that "a militant revolutionary group" might attempt to assassinate President Kennedy in Dallas.

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