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The Third Decade Journal

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is pleased to present online all 53 back issues of The Third Decade, the excellent journal published by Jerry Rose from 1984 to 1993 (when it was renamed The Fourth Decade and continued on for another 8 years). The Third Decade pioneered thoughtful and intelligent analysis of the JFK assassination in journal form, predating other publications such as Probe and Kennedy Assassination Chronicles.

The Third Decade contains essays by Jerry Rose, Gaeton Fonzi, Phil Melanson, Ed Tatro, Patricia Lambert, Paul Hoch, Anthony Marsh, Timothy Cwiek, Martin Shackelford, Richard Trask, Emory Brown, Harrison Livingstone, Scott Van Wynsberghe, Richard Sprague, Jan Stevens, Vince Palamara, David Perry, Jack White, Bill Kelly, Dennis Ford, Peter Whitmey, Sheldon Inkol, G. J. Rowell, Jim Lesar, Sylvia Meagher, Mary Ferrell, and others.

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