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The Last Investigation

Gaeton Fonzi's gripping tale of his work for two Congressional committees investigating the JFK assassination is back in print. The Mary Ferrell Foundation is republishing The Last Investigation, which will be available June 30. Pre-orders are being taken now at the MFF Store.

This classic work, first published in 1993, is at once a compelling personal narrative, a fascinating story of Fonzi's foray into milieu of Kennedy-hating anti-Castro exiles and CIA officers, and a devastating post mortem on the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Updated for 2008, the book features a new Epilogue by author Fonzi and a new Preface by his colleague Bernard McCormick.

A resource page for The Last Investigation features information about the book, links to essays by Gaeton Fonzi, HSCA staff reports authored by him, and a wealth of documents and essays about the people and stories which appear in Fonzi's account.

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