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The Fourth Decade Journal

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is pleased to present online all 43 back issues of The Fourth Decade, the excellent journal published by Jerry Rose from 1993 through early 2001. These volumes tackle a wide variety of aspects of the assassination of President Kennedy, continuing the tradition of intelligent analysis in journal form pioneered by The Third Decade.

The Fourth Decade features essays by Jerry Rose, Peter Whitmey, Gary Mack, Martin Shackleford, Peter Dale Scott, Jack White, Milicent Cranor, Dennis Ford, Ian Griggs, James Folliard, Richard Bartholomew, Christopher Sharrett, William Weston, Hal Verb, Hugh Murray, Vince Palamara, Barbara LaMonica, John J. Johnson, Harrison Livingstone, Bill Kelly, and many other contributors.

This is the third assassination research journal the MFF has placed online; also available is Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, the publication of JFK Lancer Productions and Publications, and Dealey Plaza Echo, an ongoing journal published by Dealey Plaza UK.

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