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The CIA and the JFK Assassination

The three letters C.I.A. recur over and over again in the Kennedy assassination saga, with many unanswered questions. Were the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Fidel Castro somehow related to JFK's murder? Did the CIA conduct a cover-up after the assassination, including hiding a relationship with alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald? Was Oswald in fact an agent of the CIA? Why did the CIA bury some of its knowledge of Oswald's trip to Mexico? What have we learned from the voluminous CIA declassifications of the 1990s? Was the CIA involved in the Kennedy assassination?

This new starting point explores these questions, and traces the history of the assassination investigations in terms of what they revealed about the Agency. Filled with links to essays and primary source documents, it is a launchpad for exploration of these troubling and unresolved questions.

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