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Skyhorse Books Available

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is happy to announce that Skyhorse Publishing is re-issuing all 13 books published by MFF Press, and all but 4 of them are available now. This arrangement results in significant price reductions for the books, and for availability of all of them in downloadable Kindle format.

The books will still be available for purchase at the MFF Store, at the reduced prices, and are also available at amazon.com and Skyhorse's other sales channels.

The Last Investigation has been reissued in hardcover with a new introduction by the wife of the late author Gaeton Fonzi. Other titles feature new covers. The full set of reissued titles is listed below:

Available now:

  • The Last Investigation, by Gaeton Fonzi
  • Hear No Evil, by Donald Thomas
  • The War Conspiracy, by Peter Dale Scott
  • Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics (formerly Deep Politics II), by Peter Dale Scott
  • Accessories After the Fact, by Sylvia Meagher
  • Never Again!, by Harold Weisberg
  • Post Mortem, by Harold Weisberg
  • Oswald in New Orleans, by Harold Weisberg
  • Frame-Up, by Harold Weisberg

Available on Oct 1, 2013:

  • Whitewash, by Harold Weisberg
  • Whitewash II, by Harold Weisberg
  • Whitewash III, by Harold Weisberg
  • Whitewash IV, by Harold Weisberg

See the MFF Store for more details and to order.

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