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''Reclaiming History'' Draws Critiques

Vincent Bugliosi's massive book Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy purports to prove in exhaustive detail that the Warren Report was right when it concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. His 1600+ page book, not including over 1000 pages of endnotes on a CD-ROM, may become a ten-part HBO miniseries intended to "make a substantial dent in the 75% of people in this country who still believe the conspiracy theorists."

The "conspiracy theorists" mocked in Bugliosi's book have a different view, and many have begun writing about the errors, omissions, and other failings of the book.

A new blog, www.reclaiminghistory.org, is showcasing these critiques, most of which are being published in full on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website. Pieces so far include:

Is Vincent Bugliosi Right that Neutron Activation Analysis Proves Oswald's Guilt?, by Gary Aguilar, discusses the recent reports which challenge the science of NAA as applied to the JFK bullets and fragments.

Doug Horne's Response to the Attacks on His Work in Bugliosi's New Book, "Reclaiming History.", by Doug Horne, responds to Bugliosi's denunciation of Horne's two brain exam theory as "insane."

Debugging Bugliosi, by Don Thomas, dissects the bad science used by Bugliosi in his alleged debunking of the acoustics evidence, which found a grassy knoll shot.

Epic Book Resurrects Finding That Oswald Acted Alone in Killing JFK, by Josiah Thompson, outlines the failings of Bugliosi's approach to the case.

Bugliosi Fails to Resuscitate the Single-Bullet Theory, by Jerry McKnight, focuses on an often ignored but critical aspect of the single-bullet theory.

More critiques are on the way.

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