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Recent Essays

A number of interesting and informative essays about the Kennedy Assassination were published in 2010. Below are links to a few of them:

  • The JFK Case: The Office that Spied on its Own Spies, by Bill Simpich. In this article, Simpich builds on the work of Peter Dale Scott and John Newman, using the CIA releases under the JFK Records Act to paint a fuller picture of the intelligence web around Lee Harvey Oswald. This piece focuses in particular on James Angleton's CI/SIG division, charged with spying on the spy agency itself. Simpich follows the leads which suggest that Oswald, and the CIA files about him, were used in this spy-vs-spy game. See also a related essay, The JFK Case: The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend, Part One.
  • A Comprehensive Review of Reclaiming History, by James DiEugenio. In the recently-penned part ten of this major rebuttal to Vincent Bugliosi's work, DiEugenio takes on Reclaiming History's "Delusions of Conspiracy" section, highlighting a number of key players and groups and showing Bugliosi's skewed or avoidant treatment of them.

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