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RFK Assassination Photos

This collection of thirteen photos is taken from the 1992 Request to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury, appealing for a review of the RFK assassination case.

The photos deal with the issue of a "second gun" in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel where Robert Kennedy was shot. Several photos depict holes in the pantry doorframe which have been circled and initialed by LAPD officers. Several persons attested to their being actual bullets embedded in the doorframe, and in at least one picture an apparent bullet base can be seen. Given that Sirhan Sirhan's gun held only 8 bullets, and the LAPD had accounted for all of them, bullets in the doorframe would constitute proof of a second gunman.

The LAPD destroyed the doorframe in 1969.

See also the Request to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury document for a review of these and other issues, and an accompanying volume of exhibits from which these photographs were culled.

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