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New Site Look

Welcome to the MFF's new look. Please notice our new home page and improved site navigation. Along with a graphic facelift, we've added a few new features:

Multimedia Archive - The new Multimedia Archive now includes the Photo and Audio Archive. In the Audio Archive our first collection is the full set of Lyndon Johnson phone calls from November 1963.

Improved Comment System - We have overhauled our comment system to allow you to comment on more pages. Comments may be previewed before submission. Recent comments are now shown on the home page (right below this Feature). Please join in with your views and knowledge. Note: as always, you must be a member to post comments. Learn more about the comment system

Moved Pages
- The Photo Archive is now under the Multimedia Archive.
- Projects, including the Mary Ferrell Database, are now in the MFF Archive.

Please enjoy the improved site and give us your feedback at info@maryferrell.org.

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