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New JCS Documents on Cuba and Vietnam

New documents from the papers of Maxwell Taylor (pictured), Gen. Earl Wheeler, and other Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) files are now online, related to the hotspots in Cuba and Vietnam.

Cuba-related records include:

• Contingency planning for a post-coup invasion of Cuba in 1963. See records 202-10001-10146, 202-10001-10151, 202-10002-10167.

• Documents on "Unconventional Warfare Program Alpha". See 202-10001-10148, 202-10001-10149, 202-10001-10150.

• A report on Cuba's "movement of subversives and subversive trainees". See 202-10002-10024.

• Operation Mongoose documents in a special "FOIA series."

• Letters between the Joint Chiefs and the Congressional Preparedness Investigative Committee in the post Cuban Missile Crisis period. See 202-10002-10119.

Vietnam-related records include:

• A memo from President Johnson to JCS Chief Taylor of 2 Dec 1963, which begins "The more I look at it, the more it is clear to me that South Vietnam is our most critical military area right now." See 202-10002-10175.

• A memo regarding the "possible rapprochement between North and South Vietnam." See 202-10002-10113.

To view the full set, please visit our JCS records collection page.

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