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New Home Page Look

The MFF home page has been updated, to make it easier to access key features of the website. Among the changes:

Archive - The Archive section, at the top of the rightmost column, now provides easy direct access to each of the MFF Archive's areas, including documents, essays, journals, photos, audio, video, and books.

Resources - The expanded Resources section, further down on the right side of the home page, now includes a new Book Resources area, access to MFF Productions, and a new Help section.

Features - The Features section has been redone to provide easier access to our most popular past feature stories.

Membership - This new section provides information about MFF membership options.

In order to make room for these additions, the home page has removed two little-used areas, the news section and comments area. We hope this new layout improves access to the key features of the website.

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