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New 2008 Books

2008 has seen the publication of several new books on the political assassinations of the 1960s. These books have been scanned and added to the MFF Book Archive, available for limited fair-use searching. Members may also post comments and reviews of these books.

The new 2008 books available in the archive are:

JFK & the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters, by James Douglass. A detailed and compelling analysis of JFK's moves toward peace and how this brought about his assassination.

Our Man in Mexico, by Jefferson Morley. This biography of Mexico City CIA station chief Winston Scott provides a new perspective on the Oswald visit to foreign embassies in Mexico in the fall of 1963.

The Echo from Dealey Plaza, by Abraham Bolden. The first black White House Secret Service agent tells the story of his framing and conviction as he attempted to contact the Warren Commission about what he knew.

Who Killed Bobby? by Shane O'Sullivan. The director of the film RFK Must Die revisits the bizaare tale of Sirhan Sirhan and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

The Road to Dallas, by David Kaiser. The author of the authoritative Vietnam war book American Tragedy weighs in on the Crime of the Century.

The Bay of Pigs, by Howard Jones. This retelling of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion concludes that the assassination of Fidel Castro was integral to the plan.

Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History, by Ted Sorenson. Sorenson was a speechwriter and advisor to Kennedy, and in 1965 wrote the biography Kennedy.

Truth at Last, by John Larry Ray and Lyndon Barsten. The brother of James Earl Ray says that his brother was a mind-controlled pawn of the U.S. government, and a "patsy" in the King murder.

Some books published in 2007 are also now in the archive:

American Spy, by E. Howard Hunt. The famed spy and Watergate burglar's last book provides a teaser of his subsequent tale of "benchwarmer" involvement in the JFK assassination.

Dr. Mary's Monkey, by Edward Haslam. Haslam's investigation into the mysterious 1964 murder of Dr. Mary Sherman led to connections with the JFK assassination and global virus epidemics.

The Tangled Web, by Michael Cain. Written by half-brother Michael, this is the fascinating story of Richard Cain, Chicago cop and "made member" of the Mob.

These books, published prior to 2007, have also been added:

Not in Your Lifetime, by Anthony Summers. Summers' 1998 update of his classic work on the JFK assassination, entitled Conspiracy.

Death in Washington, by Donald Freed. This 1980 book recounts the car-bombing of former Chilean official Orlando Letelier by Chilean secret agents on the streets of Washington DC.

School of Assassins, by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. This 1997 book presents "the case for closing the School of the Americas and for fundamentally changing U.S. foreign policy."

Killing the Dream, by Gerald Posner. Posner's take on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the guilt of James Earl Ray.

Spooks, by Jim Hougan. Published in 1978, Spooks explored the world of private spies. Hougan is also the author of the Watergate book Secret Agenda.

Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?, by James Earl Ray. Published in 1992, alleged assassin James Earl Ray tells his story.

Cuba and the Missile Crisis, by Carlos Lechuga. The Cuban perspective on the 1962 Missile Crisis, published in 2001.

Choosing War, by Fredrik Logevall. This 1999 book relates the many lost opportunities for peace during the 1963-65 period of the Vietnam War.

History Will Absolve Me, by Fidel Castro. The 1961 English translation of Fidel Castro's 1954 defiant account which ends: "Sentence me. I don't mind. History will absolve me."

The Steel Crisis, by Roy Hoopes. A day-by-day account of the 1962 face-off between President Kennedy and Big Steel. Published in 1963.

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