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Motorcade Films

Added to the Video Archive is a page featured links to 14 films of the Dallas motorcade taken on November 22, 1963. These films are all hosted on the popular video site YouTube. The collection of films there includes:

  • Zapruder film - the most famous "home movie" of the assassination.
  • Nix Film - shows the assassination from a different angle.
  • Muchmore film - views of motorcade and brief footage of assassination.
  • Bronson film - distant view of motorcade during assassination.
  • Hughes film - motorcade on Houston Street passing just prior to assassination.
  • Towner film - shows motorcade taking sharp turn under TSBD building.
  • Bell film - pre-assaassination motorcade footage plus aftermath on Elm Street.
  • Dorman film - view of motorcade taken from 4th floor of TSBD building.
  • Wiegman film - jumpy footage while cameraman ran down Elm Street.
  • Couch film - assassination aftermath filmed from a car in the motorcade.
  • Martin film - motorcade just prior to assassination, plus aftermath.
  • Daniel film - Presidential limousine racing to hospital through triple underpass.
  • Paschall film - filmed from third floor tower of courthouse on Houston Street.
  • Jefferies film - newly-discovered footage of motorcade roughly 90 seconds before assassination.

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