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Morley and Talbot: The BBC's Flawed RFK Story

In November 2006, BBC Newsnight ran a story by Shane O'Sullivan which alleged that three CIA officers - David Morales, George Joannides, and Gordon Campbell - were all present in the Ambassador Hotel the night Robert Kennedy was killed, and by implication were involved in his murder. The story was backed up by photo identifications supplied by men who had known the three, and accompanied by a Guardian article entitled Did the CIA Kill Bobby Kennedy?

Washington Post Online journalist Jefferson Morley and author David Talbot investigated this story, spending six weeks interviewing dozens of family members, friends, and colleagues of the men. The Mary Ferrell Foundation is publishing the results of that investigation, which failed to substantiate the allegation, in an article by Morley and Talbot entitled The BBC's Flawed RFK Story. Photographs of George Joannides, shown at left, are being published here for the first time, along with new photos of David Morales.

The MFF also conducted an interview with Morley and Talbot about their investigation. Episode 8 of Unredacted contains the audio and a transcript of this interview, along with links to the original BBC Newsnight story, the Guardian article, and other resources.

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