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More Video Clips of Authors and Experts

During JFK Lancer's November in Dallas 2006 conference, the Mary Ferrell Foundation conducted video interviews with four Kennedy assassination experts. These clips are now part of the MFF Video Archive.

The new clips feature:

George Michael Evica, author of And We Are All Mortal and the new A Certain Arrogance, discussing strange aspects of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Larry Hancock, author of Someone Would Have Talked, which traces knowledge of conspiracy among such persons as John Martino and David Morales.

Colin McSween, a speaker at the Lancer conference and an expert on the Parkland medical evidence. McSween discusses some of the conflicts in medical reporting between the Parkland doctors and the autopsy.

William Law, author of In The Eye of History, discusses the interviews he conducted with autopsy witness James Sibert and autopsy photo developer Saundra Kay Spencer.

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