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More Photos in JFK Library Collection

More than 250 additional photos have been added to our collection of images from the JFK Library and Museum in Boston, MA.

Photos from the weekend of the assassination include the casket's return to the White House and its repose in the East Room on Saturday Nov 23, the horse-drawn caisson which took it to the Capitol on Sunday, and the funeral on Monday the 25th.

There are also photos from the ExComm meetings during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy's visit with President Eisenhower at Camp David after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, the ceremony to replace General Lemnitzer with Alexander Taylor as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the trip to Tampa just days before Dallas.

Also new is a large collection of photographs of the White House staff, and additional images have been added to the Kennedy and Government Officials, Kennedy and Family, and Other White House Photos collections.

Thanks to the JFK Library and Museum staff for making these available.

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