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MFF is Phone Friendly

The MFF website is phone friendly!

Last year the MFF document viewer was redesigned to work better on phones and other devices. Now the entire website is "responsive," adapting to the size of your screen or device. No more pinch-zooming to try to read tiny text.

Key Styling Differences

The key differences when operating on a phone or small device:

Hamburger menu

On narrow devices, the normal horizontal "navigation bar" and its pulldown menus is replaced by a "hamburger" menu located in the upper-left corner of each page. Clicking this icon opens up a main menu - clicking most menu items opens up a second menu.

Note that the search box in the navigation bar is gone on small screens - use the Search Site item in the menu.

For convenience, the "breadcrumb trail" is also shown in the hamburger menu, in the last item named "Parent Pages."

Pull-Out Sidebar

The sidebar on the right side of most pages doesn't fit well on small devices, and so is normally hidden, with a red tab titled "RELATED INFO" on the right side of the screen.

Click this to open the sidebar atop the page content. Click the titlebar on the open sidebar to close it again.

Other Changes

There are a variety of other changes, including:

Note that the Document Viewer has its own special adaptation, launched last year. See the Document Viewer Guide for more details.

If You See a Problem

The style changes are extensive and there are likely to be a few bugs or unsupported devices. MFF recommends the Chrome browser, though this update has been tested in Safari, Firefox, and Edge, and on a variety of devices including Android and iOS.

If you do run into a problem, email the MFF using the Contact Us link in the footer of this page. Please include as much detail as possible, including your operating system, browser, and a link to the page with the problem. Thanks.

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