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JFK Lancer 2015 Conference

The 52nd anniversary of JFK's assassination is approaching, and JFK Lancer is again hosting a research conference in Dallas, Texas, featuring prominent speakers and living witnesses.

Speakers include David Talbot, author of the recently published The Devil's Chessboard, Russ Baker, Bill Simpich, John Hunt, Marie Fonzi, David Mantik, Pat Speer, Larry Hancock, Sherry Feister, William Law, and others. Autopsy participant James Jenkins will be among the speakers.

The conference begins the afternoon of Friday, November 20, and ends on Sunday morning in Dealey Plaza, with experts conducting a crime scene analysis, followed by a commemorative ceremony on the Grassy Knoll side of Elm Street.

The JFK Lancer website has full information including a speaker list, schedule of events, and online registration.

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