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JFK Assassination Archive

Attention researchers: The AARC, History Matters, and the MFF are jointly today making available a powerful new personal research tool. The JFK Assassination Archive is a USB disk containing over 1 million pages of JFK documents, along with next-generation searching, browsing, and viewing tools. For more information, screenshots, and to purchase, see the JFK Assassination Archive's home page.

Features include:

  • Million-page+ document archive
  • Chapter-length book excerpts from 15 books
  • Photo and audio galleries - photo archive includes hi-rez versions of photos
  • Enhanced document viewer, including smooth zoom and other new features
  • Powerful new search engine, with new features such as date-range filtering and photo search
  • Auto-linking to document references: referred-to docs are a click away
  • New tools for locating RIF-based documents
  • Enhanced versions of Mary Ferrell Database and Stewart Galanor's Dealey Plaza Witness Database
  • PDF copies of all documents
  • Introductory essays by Jim Lesar and Rex Bradford, and detailed help pages
  • Fast and portable

The JFK Assassination Archive is a portable hard disk containing all documents and other data, and software that runs in your web browser. No internet connection is needed, and no software installation is necessary. Runs on Windows and Mac.

Own your own personal JFK research station. Find out more at the the JFK Assassination Archive's home page.

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