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Iran-Contra Special Collection

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has added another collection to our document archive, which now contains over 1.3 million pages of important historical records. This "special collection" consists of 40 reports of investigations into the Iran-Contra affair.

Under President Reagan, a White House foreign policy operation outside Congressional review sold arms to Iran, and used the profits to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, a rebel group attempting to overthrow the Sandinista government. When the story came to light, multiple investigations were launched. Most of these reports come from the joint House-Senate congressional investigation.

While the "Iran-Contra affair" is not a primary topic of this website, history is of one cloth, and some of the names which appear in these documents will be familiar to assassination researchers. The reports were generously provided by one of the MFF's members. Note that there is also a small collection of searchable books on the Iran-Contra affair on this website.

Another special collection recently added consists of FBI files from the investigation into the 1972 assassination attempt on George Wallace.

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