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''Incomplete Justice'' Series Complete

Larry Hancock's six-part series on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is now complete with the publication of part 6,"I don't know any other people". The six parts of the full series are:

Part One: At the Ambassador Hotel. Describes the scene at the RFK shooting, and some of the early reports of accessories to gunman Sirhan Sirhan.

Part Two: Stalking RFK? Describes incidents before June 5 where people resembling Sirhan and his possible accomplices were stalking RFK.

Part Three: "They are all fibbing..." Shows how LAPD moved to discredit and ignore witnesses to the polka dotted dress girl and other apparent accomplices.

Part Four: "No there were no other guns..." Reviews evidence of too many bullets for Sirhan's gun, and other forensic reasons to doubt Sirhan acted alone.

Part Five: Mind Games? Analyzes Sirhan's state of mind, possible hypnotism, and his alleged lack of memory.

Part Six: "I don't know any other people..." Explores the associates of Sirhan and what light they might shed on the conspiracy around him.

Larry Hancock is the author of Someone Would Have Talked, a highly regarded book on the assassination of President Kennedy.

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