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Fair Play Magazine

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is happy to announce that the full set of issues of Fair Play Magazine are now available for viewing and searching online, enhancing our Journal Archive with a fifth publication. Pro members of the MFF may download pdf copies of the issues. Fair Play was part of a small wave of such publications that emerged in the 1990s in the wake of the Oliver Stone movie JFK and the JFK Records Act releases, and was unique in being an online journal, when the internet was very young.

See all 36 issues of Fair Play

Fair Play's pages feature essays by many of the most important researchers and authors, including Vincent Salandria, Ian Griggs, Martin Schotz, Joseph Backes, and many others, including John Kelin, the journal's editor and author of the book Praise From a Future Generation. It includes deep coverage of the COPA and November in Dallas research conferences which were at their height during this period.

John Kelin, editor of Fair Play, graciously supplied the Fair Play electronic files, and these words:

Fair Play magazine debuted on November 22, 1994, on the then-fledgling World Wide Web, and ran for about five years: thirty-six issues, all told.

It has been some twenty years since Fair Play ceased publication. As its editor and publisher I am sometimes asked: is it still around? Are back issues available?

Until now, the answer to both those questions has been no. There are no plans to resurrect the site, but for the first time complete back issues are available here on the Mary Ferrell Foundation website.

While Fair Play has been at one archive or another since ending its run, they are incomplete and unofficial; I had nothing to do with any of them. For all practical purposes, it was not to be found anywhere.

During its active period Fair Play had many contributors. While there is material in it that would never pass muster were I doing it now, there is much that is still valuable.

A lot has changed since the last issue appeared in late 2000. Most conspicuous, perhaps, is the Internet itself. What hasn't changed is the state of the JFK assassination: an officially unsolved murder of a head of state with not one but two government explanations, diametrically opposed, neither satisfying.

It pleases me that people remember Fair Play and that it now has a new home at the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

-- John Kelin

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