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FBI Records Project Well Underway

The MFF project to put online hundreds of thousands of pages of FBI records, in collaboration with the Assassination Archives and Research Center, is well underway. More than 100,000 pages of FBI records are currently online for browsing and searching. Completed FBI collections include:

File 105-82555: Headquarters File on Lee Harvey Oswald.

File 44-24016: Headquarters File on Jack Ruby.

File 62-109090: Warren Commission Liaison File.

File 105-3702 (from Mary Ferrell): Mexico City Field Office File on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Partially online, and to be completed in the coming weeks, is this new collection:

File 62-109060: JFK Assassination Main File.

The collections above all date from the late 1980s and thus feature some redactions not present in the current set at the National Archives.

The following, also online, are from the post-Review Board period (e.g., mid-to-late 1990s):

HSCA Administrative Folders: Admin Files Made Available to HSCA.

File 105-3702 (from National Archives): Scanned from NARA records, this is about 1/3 of the up-to-date Oswald Mexico City File. This version has far less redactions than the 1980s-era set already scanned from Mary Ferrell's collection.

When the 62-109060 JFK Assassination File is completed, the MFF will begin processing a large collection of FBI files, numbering over 300,000 pages. This is the "HSCA Subjects Files," consisting of FBI files on individuals and organizations, made available to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. These files contain a great deal of information on organized crime figures, Cuban exiles and groups, and many more persons of interest. This project will probably commence in early August - watch the What's New section of the home page.

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