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FBI Records Project

A major new records project, involving hundreds of thousands of pages of FBI records, has been initiated at the MFF. Most of these come from the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC), with additional records from Mary Ferrell's collection.

Already scanned and available online are:

File 105-3702: Mexico City Field Office File on Lee Harvey Oswald.

File 44-24016: Headquarters File on Jack Ruby.

File 105-82555: Headquarters File on Lee Harvey Oswald.

The first two of these are fully online; the last is underway but not completed yet. Still to come:

File 62-109060: JFK Assassination Main Headquarters File.

File 62-109090: Warren Commission Liaison File.

All of the above come from records made available around 1980, and thus feature some "redactions" (blackouts) not in the current set at the National Archives. The Mexico City file has the most withholdings in these pages.

Starting later this summer, the MFF will begin processing the largest set of the FBI records received from the AARC. This is the voluminous FBI's HSCA Subjects files, consisting of over 300,000 pages of FBI files on a great many individuals and organizations, including dozens organized crime figures, Cuban exiles and their groups, soldiers of fortune, and much more. These records were processed in the late 1990s and are thus largely up-to-date.

The MFF Document Archive now stands at just under 500,000 pages of government records. The CIA records project begun last year is roughly 75% complete and is ongoing.

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