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Essay Archive Refresh

The MFF Essay Archive showcases nearly 600 essays on the topics covered by this website. It has received a major refresh, fixing bad links and adding over 50 brand-new essays. All are integrated into the MFF search engine.

Some of the essays live here on the MFF website; others are linked across the internet to sites such as Kennedys and King, JFK Lancer, Who.What.Why, and many others.

The Essay Archive has just received a major refresh. More than 100 essays had over the years moved to different page addresses, and thus their links on our website had gone bad. These have all been updated with their new addresses. More than 50 other essays simply disappeared from the internet. But in their stead an equal number of new essays written over the last several years have been added, and the searchability of all the essays have been improved.

The MFF page for each essay also features a sidebar with related links - site pages of interest, other essays and books by the same author.

You can help the MFF keep the Essay Archive relevant and useful in the face of an ever-changing internet. Please alert us at info@maryferrell.org if you find a "Read Essay" link which does not work.

A small sampling of new essays added to the Archive is listed below:

Analyzing the New JFK Revelations, by Bill Simpich.

With More to Come, New JFK Documents Offer Fresh Leads 54 Years Later, by Kevin G. Hall.

Shell Games, by Malcolm Blunt.

The Full Story of the Sirhan Sirhan Parole Hearing, by Shane O'Sullivan.

Into the Rabbit's Hole with John Judge, by Bill Kelly.

What Could Have Been: JFK in His Own Words, by Milicent Cranor.

A Cruel and Shocking Misinterpretation, by Dan Hardway.

JFK Assassination Triggered More Than Kennedy's Death, by Jeff Schechtman.

ONI and the Assassination of President Kennedy, by Bill Kelly.

Jfk Had Ordered Full Withdrawal From Vietnam: Solid Evidence, by James K. Galbraith.

Dallas Mayor During JFK Assassination Was CIA Asset, by WhoWhatWhy Staff.

Mal Hyman, Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination, by Michael Le Flem.

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