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Document Walkthroughs

A new feature of the Mary Ferrell Foundation website is the Document Walkthrough. These pages provide links to documents on a particular topic, or related to a particular book of interest. Document links are accompanied by discussion.

Document Walkthrough: Vietnam in Late 1963 presents documents from 1963 related to U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and President Kennedy's steps to end that involvement. Many of these documents were classified until 1997.

Document Walkthrough: Ultimate Sacrifice presents documents cited in the new book Ultimate Sacrifice, by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann. These should be of interest to those reading the book or interested in the discussion surrounding its controversial thesis.

Additional walkthroughs are planned, including one related to Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City in the fall of 1963, and the allegations of Communist conspiracy which arose from there.

All walkthroughs are available from the main Documents page.

Help improve our walkthroughs. Send corrections, suggestions for additional documents worth including, or other comments to info@maryferrell.org.

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