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Document Walkthrough: Warren Commission Executive Sessions

This new document walkthrough presents transcripts of each of the Warren Commission's executive sessions, tracing the once-secret discussions and focusing on the most fascinating aspects of them. Harold Weisberg's Whitewash IV tells the story of how some of these transcripts were forced into the public domain.

These transcripts provide a fascinating glimpse of the Commissions' inner workings, reveal its political motivations and constraints, and provide clues to some of the mysteries of the JFK assassination.

The Commissioners grappled with the "dirty rumor" that Oswald was a paid informant of the FBI, shook their heads over conflicting accounts and implausibilities in the medical and ballistics evidence, fretted over the bona fides of Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko, and complained of leaks coming from the FBI.

The final executive session, where Senator Russell (pictured above) fought unsuccessfully to get a dissenting opinion into the Warren Report, would probably be the most fascinating of all - if it existed. Instead, only minutes of the meeting were recorded, omitting the strong disagreements which erupted there. See Weisberg's Senator Russell Dissents (Part One and Part Two) for the story.

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