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Document Viewer Update

The MFF's document viewer, the webpage used to view scanned documents on this website, has just had a major upgrade.


  • Continuous scroll. The entire document may now be scrolled in one continuous sequence of pages; no longer do you need to click icons to advance from page to page
  • Phone friendly. The page is phone-friendly - the interface adapts for smaller devices, making icons larger and breaking the toolbar into two rows, and putting menus and the "breadcrumb trail" into a new menu accessed from the top-left of the page.
  • Touchscreen friendly. Other enhancements for touchscreens and trackpads make scrolling and zooming easier to manage.
  • Thumbnails mode. Switch to a new view of page thumbnails and select one to jump to.
  • Within-Document Search. A new popup lets you easily search within the document.

Other features remain unchanged or in some cases enhanced: access to PDF versions of documents, the "printable page" feature, ability to rotate pages, table-of-contents and RIF form views, and more.

The new document viewer replaces the previous version for all viewing of scanned documents, reports, and journals. Try it out on this sample document.

There are other new features and enhancements, see the revised Document Viewer Guide for all the details.

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