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Dealey Plaza Echo Journal

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is pleased to present online all 26 back issues of The Dealey Plaza Echo, the publication of the British-based group of researchers known as Dealey Plaza UK.

The organization's website is www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk. The Dealey Plaza Echo journal was launched in 1996 and is still being produced in 2006. All issues through the spring of 2006 are online. For membership inquiries or to receive a paper subscription to the journal, see www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk/membership.htm.

Dealey Plaza Echo features articles from such experts as retired detective Ian Griggs, Russell Kent, Hal Verb, Bill Drenas, Russ Shearer, and many more.

Thanks to Ian Griggs, Barry Keane, Mark Bridger, and others at Dealey Plaza UK for making this great journal and the essays inside it available to the MFF and our readers.

This is the second assassination research journal the MFF has placed online; also available is Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, the publication of JFK Lancer Productions and Publications.

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