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"Someone would have talked," goes the old refrain. But of course many people have talked when it comes to the Kennedy assassination, including many who described their own involvement in the plot. The problem is not too few confessions, but perhaps too many. Which if any are credible?

A few confessions of involvement worthy of note:

Howard Hunt. At the beginning of May 2007, E. Howard Hunt's Saint John produced a tape recording of his father discussing some of the participants in the plot to kill JFK, and has told a more detailed story based on conversations with his father and handwritten notes from the famous spy and Watergate conspirator.

John Martino. Anti-Castro activist and mob associate John Martino told his family, his lawyer, and a journalist about his peripheral involvement in the crime.

David Sanchez Morales. The Chief of Operations at JM/WAVE, involved in the Bay of Pigs and many other anti-Castro operations, went into a drunken tirade about the Kennedys in front of his lifelong friend and a business partner, ending with "We took care of that SOB."

Santos Trafficante. According to "mob laywer" Frank Ragano, crime boss Santos Trafficante told him that Jimmy Hoffa had ordered the JFK hit.

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