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CIA Records Project

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has begun scanning and putting online the CIA "Segregated Collection" and other CIA documents declassified under the JFK Records Act. Over 10,000 pages are now online, out of well over 300,000 total pages. Over the coming months look for a continuing stream of new documents, many of them declassified only in the late 1990s.

The documents are provided courtesy of the Assassination Archives and Research Center, which acquired them in settlement of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit initiated in 1981 by Mark Allen.

The many subjects covered in these records include covert operations against Cuba, CIA liaison with the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) and Warren Commission, Oswald's trip to Mexico City, Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko and Cuban defector AMMUG-1, AMLASH, and much more. Most of the collection comes from the CIA documents available to the HSCA and preserved as a "segregated collection," but other records are included such as the Latin America Division Work File.

Most of these documents are organized in these sub-categories of the MFF'S CIA files:

A related sub-collection of these documents consists of notes taken by HSCA staffers while they reviewed CIA documents (the notes were not permitted to leave CIA facilities).

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