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Book Previews

The MFF's Book Archive contains nearly 500 books on the assassinations of the 1960s, the Vietnam war, the conflict with Cuba, and other topics. Until now, the content in these books was unavailable except via small "fair use" text snippets in search results.

A new feature of the website, Book Previews, unlocks selected chapters and excerpts for reading online. Today, viewable previews for three books may be read online. Over the coming weeks and months, more previews will be made available.

See these book previews:

Accessories After the Fact, by Sylvia Meagher
   • Chapter 4 (excerpt). The Palmprint on the Rifle
   • Chapter 20. Truth Was Their Only Client
   • Chapter 24. Homicide in the Police Basement

Whitewash, by Harold Weisberg
   • Chapter 4. The Marksman
   • Chapter 9. The Witnesses and Their Treatment

R.F.K. Must Die!, by Robert Blair Kaiser
   • Epilogue: The case is still open. I'm not rejecting the Manchurian Candidate aspect of it.
   • Appendixes

Links to these book previews now appear in related Starting Points, in the sidebar.

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