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April 4, 1968

Forty-six years has passed since Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in Memphis, and questions remain unanswered. Recent scholarship by Stuart Wexler, Larry Hancock, and Charles Faulkner have refocused attention on the climate of hate in segregationist circles in that era, and unpursued leads to certain individuals.

The storied history of the case includes the 1999 civil trial following a confession of involvement by Lloyd Jowers, charges of "state crime," the HSCA's inconclusive investigation into bounties offered on King's life and James Earl Ray's possible relation to them, and ultimately to the lack of an original trial to determine the facts.

Read more about the story here:

Martin Luther King Assassination

The Martin Luther King Assassination: Missing Pieces, by Larry Hancock and Stuart Wexler

Murdering Civil Rights, by Charles Faulkner

Online documents on the MLK Assassination, including the 13 volumes of HSCA reports and FBI files on the case. Other resources include this list of essays.

Recommended Book:
The Awful Grace of God

by Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock

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