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Additions to CIA Cryptonym Project

Thanks to many submissions by some of our members over the past two months, the CIA Cryptonym Project continues to grow, now containing definitions for more than 125 crypts, each accompanied by links to relevant documents.

Learn how you can participate in improving the readability of this website's CIA records. Bookmark the project page in your web browser for handy reference as you read CIA records.

Some recently added cryptonyms include AMOT (Miami-based Cuban exile group), AMROD (operations against Cuban intelligence), AMSPELL (Cuban Student Directorate), AMSWIRL-1 (Customs agent Cesar Diosdado), KUCLUB (CIA Office of Communications), LIENTRAP (mobile surveillance team in Mexico City), LIMERICK (Soviet Embassy in Mexico City), LITEMPO-8 (Luis Echevarria), ODBOON (U.S. Customs Agency), ODUNIT (U.S. Air Force), QKFLOWAGE (United States Information Agency), and more.

Decode and share! This is a participatory project. Experts on CIA records are invited to share their knowledge. Others may use the MFF search engine to research outstanding crypts and help us build a more complete database. See the sidebar on the project page for details.

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