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47th Anniversary Conferences

This November is the 47th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and two conferences in Dallas will be commemorating that historical event, with invited speakers presenting discussion of the evidence and its wider context.


JFK Lancer's November in Dallas 2010 takes place a week before the assassination anniversary, on Friday, November 12 through Sunday, November 14 at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. Confirmed speakers include:

   • Paul Chambers, author of Head Shot
   • James DiEugenio, co-author and editor of The Assassinations
   • Larry Hancock, author of Someone Would Have Talked
   • Jim Marrs, author of "Crossfire"
   • Bill Simpich, essayist on Oswald's intelligence connections
   • Don Thomas, author of Hear No Evil
   • Roland Zavada, author of ARRB Zapruder film study

and many others.

There will also be a 2-hour bus tour of assassination-related sites running Thursday through Monday.

See the JFK Lancer website for more information and to register.


Taking place a week later, on Friday November 19 through Monday November 22, is the annual meeting of COPA, the Coalition on Political Assassinations. See the COPA website; details provided on the Dallas conference page there.

According to the website, speakers will include Robert Groden, Dr Cyril Wecht (via remote feed), T Carter, Randy Benson, Chris Pike, St. John Hunt, Ed Haslam, Clayborne Carson, Robert Blair Kaiser, Donald Byron Thomas, Paul Schrade, William Turner, William Pepper, Ronnie Dugger, Peter Dale Scott, Rusty Rhodes, Don Adams and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

More to be confirmed.

The information below is excerpted from an emailing sent out by COPA's John Judge:

Coalition on Political Assassinations, PO Box 772, Washington, DC 20044.

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