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2017 Documents Listing

The National Archives is scheduled to fulfill the JFK Records Collection Act and fully release in October 2017 the remaining withheld or redacted documents identified as such by the Assassination Records Review Board, unless the President intervenes. A FOIA request by Michael Ravnitzky recently resulted in release of a listing of the documents which are currently "postponed in full" and slated for declassification in 2017. This 146-page document was published recently on WhoWhatWhy. Thanks to both for their valuable work.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is today putting this listing online in our NARA Finding Aid collection.

View the Document Listing

(note that the document is in landscape mode; use the zoom tools in the grey bar aboe the document page if needed)

Researchers will be poring over this listing, and more information about what's in them forthcoming. For starters, here is a list of the agencies whose documents are to be released, and document counts for each:

202-xxxxx-xxxxx2JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
173-xxxxx-xxxxx2ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence
111-xxxxx-xxxxx6DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
177-xxxxx-xxxxx19LBJ Library
157-xxxxx-xxxxx26SSCIA - Church Committee
178-xxxxx-xxxxx30ROCKCOM - Rockefeller Commission
181-xxxxx-xxxxx39NARA - National Archives
176-xxxxx-xxxxx46USSS - US Secret Service
119-xxxxx-xxxxx94DOS - Department of State
180-xxxxx-xxxxx167HSCA - House Select Committee on Assassinations
137-xxxxx-xxxxx178IRS - Internal Revenue Service
179-xxxxx-xxxxx522DOJ - Dept. of Justice
104-xxxxx-xxxxx* (see below)CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
124-xxxxx-xxxxx* (see below)FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

The total document count is 3603, and the counts above total 1137; the remaining 2400+ documents are split between the CIA and FBI.

Note that these are document counts, not page counts. Also while the list consists of documents currently withheld in full, it does include documents that seem to be part of the currently released-with-redactions set, like the CIA's multi-volume Oswald "201 file".

The listing has some definitely interesting things in it, though the small numbers of documents from some agencies is disappointing. The count of Church Committee documents in the listing is 26; all military agencies combined list only 16 documents. More to come as the 146-page listing is reviewed.

Under the JFK Records Act, the release of these documents could still be thwarted if agencies appeal and the (next) President agrees with them.

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