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The Robert Kennedy Assassination

Forty-one years ago, bullets put an end to Robert Kennedy's quest to reclaim the presidency that had been lost when his own brother was gunned down in Dallas. RFK had just declared victory in the California Democratic primary, which boosted his bid to unseat Lyndon Johnson's VP and hand-picked successor, Hubert Humphrey.

Over the past year, the MFF has continued to add documents, essays, books, and photographs to its RFK archive.

Our massive RFK Document Archive includes such collections as:

Available for online reading is the Epilogue and Appendixes from the new edition of Robert Blair Kaiser's RFK Must Die.

And in the MFF-exclusive essay series Incomplete Justice, Larry Hancock, author of the highly-regarded book Someone Would Have Talked, explores the unanswered questions of the crime and provides a valuable introduction to the evidence and complexities of this history changing tragedy.

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