CIA legend E. Howard Hunt. In his 2007 book, discussions with his son, and a tape recording, Hunt outlined his 'benchwarmer' role in a CIA plot to kill JFK.
CIA legend E. Howard Hunt. In his 2007 book, discussions with his son, and a tape recording, Hunt outlined his "benchwarmer" role in a CIA plot to kill JFK.

Someone would have talked, so the saying goes. But people did talk about their involvement in the JFK assassination--some did so publicly, and some only to intimate associates. So, were at least some of them telling the truth?

Confession of Howard Hunt - CIA master spy and Watergate participant E. Howard Hunt named names to his son Saint John, and created a tape to be released after his death.

John Martino's Confessions - John Martino, who played a post-assassination role in the attempts to pin the murder on Castro, talked to his family and his lawyer about his peripheral involvement in the crime.

David Morales - We Took Care of That SOB - JMWAVE Chief Operations Officer David Morales, aka "El Indio," told lifelong friend Ruben Carbajal and business partner Robert Walton that "we" had taken care of Kennedy.

Santos Trafficante - It Should Have Been Bobby - "Mob lawyer" Frank Ragano wrote in his book that Santo Trafficante told him that he and Carlos Marcello "should have killed Bobby" instead of JFK.

James Files - Grassy Knoll Shooter? - James Files claims to have fired the fatal head shot from behind the grassy knoll fence.

Chauncey Holt - One of the Tramps? - Chauncey Holt says that he forged Oswald's "Hidell" ID card, among other activities, and is the oldest of the "three tramps" depicted in photos of Dallas on November 22, 1963. Holt names convicted murderer Charles Harrelson as one of his companions.

The list above is certainly not a complete list of confessions. Also, many other people have alleged involvement with Lee Oswald or some aspect of the JFK assassination story, but not with the murder plot itself.



The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt, by Erik Hedegaard.

JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession Aired on National Radio, by Paul Joseph Watson.

Watergate Plotter May Have a Last Tale, by Carol Williams.

A Conversation with Gaeton Fonzi, by Steve Bochan and Gordon Winslow.

The Kennedy Contract: A Review, by Mike Sylwester.

Excerpts from Ultimate Sacrifice: A New Take on the Murder of JFK, by Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron.

Is James Files Telling the Truth?, by Wim Dankbaar.

Meet Chauncey Holt, by William Kelly.

The Kennedy Assassination's Links to Here and Now, by Edgar Tatro.

Report from Dallas: The Ask Symposium, November 14-16, 1991, by Martin Shackelford.

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, by Alan Houston.


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