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Fonzi-Escalante Interviews, 1996

Gaeton Fonzi and Fabian Escalante  

Fonzi-Escalante Interviews: 1996

Recordings of interviews journalist Gaeton Fonzi conducted with Fabian Escalante, former head of Cuban Counterintelligence. They were conducted as part of research for an Esquire article which was never published at the time. The article is now published online here at the MFF, under the title And Why, By the Way, is Fidel Castro Still Alive? - The Inside Story of Cuban Intelligence.
Tape 1, Side A (52:12)
Tape 1, Side B (59.25)
Tape 2, Side A (49:07)
Tape 3, Side A (58:25)
Tape 3, Side B (47:58)
Tape 4, Side A (48:30)

Transcript 1
Transcript 2
These two transcripts, typed by Gaeton Fonzi himself with marginalia added, are not complete nor are they 100% accurate. But they comprise much of the material covered in the 6 audio tape sides, and with generally quite good accuracy.

Fonzi-Specter Interviews, 1966

Gaeton Fonzi  

Fonzi-Specter Interviews: 1966

Recordings of three interviews journalist Gaeton Fonzi conducted with former Warren Commission staffer Arlen Specter. Also an accompanying recording of Fonzi speaking with Vincent Salandria, whose articles had asked pointed questions about the medical evidence in the JFK case.
1st interview, 28 Jun 1966 (59:21)
2nd interview, 29 Jun 1966 (2:05:21)
3rd Interview, 8 Jul 1966 (39:50)

Transcript 1
Transcript 2
Transcript 3
This series of three interviews took place amid of climate of questioning of the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Arlen Specter had been the prime developer of the "single bullet theory" and handled many of the medical aspects of the case for the Commission. After these interviews, Fonzi would later write, "my belief in that Government would never be the same."
Fonzi-Salandria discussion,
Jul 1966

Vincent Salandria wrote two important articles dissecting the JFK medical evidence for the Philadelphia Intelligencer (here and here). This discussion between Fonzi and Salandria took place between the 2nd and 3rd Fonzi-Specter interviews.

Oswald Radio Debate, Aug 1963

Oswald passing out leaflets  

Oswald Radio Debate: Aug 1963

Oswald's two radio appearances on WDSU in New Orleans. These interviews helped establish Oswald as a pro-Castroite in the summer of 1963. To many observers, Oswald's actions are better explained as "building a legend" than as genuine expressions of his true nature.
Latin Listening Post Interview with LHO, 17 Aug 1963 (36:06)

In a tape recording made on 17 Aug 1963, WDSU's Bill Stuckey of Latin Listening Post interviewed Lee Oswald in his role as secretary of the New Orleans chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC). In actuality, Oswald's "chapter" was a fictitious one-man operation. Only a small portion of this 37-minute taped interview was actually aired on WDSU.
LHO Radio Debate with Bringuier and Butler, 21 Aug 1963 (24:33)

Four days after Bill Stuckey's interview with Oswald, Stuckey and Bill Slater of WDSU conducted this debate involving Lee Oswald, Carlos Bringuier of the Cuban Student Directorate (DRE), and Ed Butler of the Information Council of the Americas (INCA). In the debate, Oswald was "exposed" as a defector to the Soviet Union and a Marxist.

Air Force One Transmissions, Nov 1963

Air Force One  

Air Force One Transmissions: Nov 1963

Recordings of Air Force One from November 22, 1963.
Reel 1, Side 1 (30:55)
Reel 1, Side 2 (30:57)
Reel 2, Side 1 (29:42)
Reel 2, Side 2 (30:06)

No transcript available.
This audio is taken from cassette tapes made available by the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas. They comprise an edited version of the original communications to and from Air Force One before and during its return flight from Dallas on November 22, 1963. The first segment contains mostly communication between the White House and SAM86972, a plane containing press secretary Pierre Salinger and Cabinet members in the Pacific, just after news was received of JFK's murder in Dallas. The second segment begins prior to the takeoff of Air Force One. Who performed the edits, and the location of the original unedited tapes, are unknown.
Segment 1 (1:13:02)
Segment 2 (1:09:05)

Transcript created by Douglas P. Horne
In November 2011 the Raab Collection announced the existence of a somewhat more complete, though still edited, version of the Air Force One tapes. This copy had been in the estate of General Clifton. In January 2012 a copy was donated to the National Archives. The location of the original White House Communications Agency tapes remains unknown.

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