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Audio - House Select Committee on Assassinations

The House Select Committee on Assassinations taped a number of its interviews, and many of these have become available at the National Archives. Additionally, the HSCA collected audio from other sources including law enforcement agencies and private individuals. The clips presented here are a small sample of the full set available on the shelves of National Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

For some of these recordings, transcripts are available.

HSCA Medical Interviews

The House Select Committee on Assassinations tape-recorded interviews with the autopsy doctors and the head radiologist, though not with other autopsy technicians. Also interviewed were others present at the autopsy and the post-autopsy preparation for burial, some of the Parkland Hospital doctors who treated Kennedy, and others.

HSCA Interviews Relating to Mexico City

The HSCA recorded some of the interviews conducted during its investigation of the Oswald trip to Mexico City. Among these is an HSCA interview with William Coleman, one of the Warren Commission staff lawyers who traveled to Mexico City in April 1964.

Other Audio in the HSCA Collection

The HSCA also collected some recordings from private individuals and law enforcement agencies. Among these is the recording of right-wing extremist Joseph Milteer, taped on 9 Nov 1963 telling an informant that a plan to kill Kennedy was "in the working" and would involve rifle fire from an office building.

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