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Sources: Warren Report, pp. 62, 75, 100-102, 105-107, 109-110, 429; WC Vol 7, p. 571; WC Vol 18, pp. 1-80 (film); CD 87 SS 633, p. 1; Witnesses, p. 46; Whitewash I, Weisberg, pp. 36, 46, 97-109, 285-287, 298, 310-312; Rush to Judgment, Lane, pp. 41, 64, 66, 70, 73, 380; Inquest, Epstein, pp. 16, 70; Who Killed Kennedy, Buckanan, pp. 93, 97; Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy, Joesten, pp. 186-187; CIA 1472-492-BJ; CIA 1627-1085; CIA 1628-1084; CIA 1629-1083; CIA 1634-1088, p. 16; CIA 1635-1087; CIA 1641-450; Dallas Morning News, Monday, August 31, 1970, p. 3-D; HSCA Reel 31, Box 22, Folder K (AMKW 22)
Film used by CIA as a "training film" from 1965 to 1969. NPIC (Natl Photographic Interpretation Center) analysis of Zapruder film. Partner: Erwin M. Schwartz. Died, Sunday, August 30, 1970. Survived by wife: Lillian Zapruder; daughter: Myrna Hauser of Dallas; son: Henry Zapruder of Washington, D.C.

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WR-0-62 Warren Commission Report, page 62
WR-0-75 Warren Commission Report, page 75
WR-0-100 Warren Commission Report, page 100
WR-0-105 Warren Commission Report, page 105
WR-0-109 Warren Commission Report, page 109
WR-0-429 Warren Commission Report, page 429
WH-18-1 Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XVIII, page 1

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