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Title     Author     Year
Averting the 'Final Failure': John F. Kennedy and the Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Meetings     Stern, Sheldon M.     2003
Bay of Pigs Declassified     Kornbluh, Peter, ed.     1998
The Bay of Pigs: The Leader's Story of Brigade 2506     Johnson, Haynes, Artime, Manuel,San Roman, Jose P.     1964
Bay of Pigs: The Untold Story     Wyden, Peter     1962
Cuba and the Missile Crisis     Lechuga, Carlos     2001
The Cuba Project: CIA Covert Operations 1959-62     Escalante, Fabian     2004
Deady Secrets     Hinckle, Warren and Turner, William     1992
The Fish Is Red     Hinkle, Warren and Turner, William W.     1981
Give Us This Day     Hunt, E. Howard     1973
History Will Absolve Me     Castro, Fidel     1961
JFK and the Unspeakable     Douglass, James W.     2008
JFK: The Cuba Files     Escalante, Fabian     2006
The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis     May, Ernest R. and Zelikow, Philip D.     1997
Kennedy's Wars: Berlin, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam     Freedman, Lawrence     2000
The Kennedys and Cuba     White, Mark J.     1999
Live By the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK     Russo, Gus     1998
"One Hell of a Gamble": Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964     Fursenko, Aleksandr and Naftali, Timothy     1997
Operation Zapata     Troy, Thomas F., General Editor     1981
The Bay of Pigs     Jones, Howard     2008
Thirteen Days     Kennedy, Robert F.     1968
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